Winter is here. But you can still protect your pavement.

Although cooler temperatures and winter weather can be a relief from the heat, they’re not always ideal for all types of parking lot asphalt maintenance and repair in the Austin, Texas area.

For example, asphalt sealcoating must be applied when temperatures are 50 degrees or warmer, and asphalt paving is ideal for warmer weather as well. Not to worry! There are still plenty of ways to protect and maintain your parking lot or asphalt pavement when temperatures begin to drop in Central Texas.

What types of asphalt maintenance and repair work can be done in the winter?

We’re fortunate not to experience extreme winter weather conditions (for the most part!) here in Texas, but asphalt parking lots and roadways still take a lot of abuse and must be properly maintained in order to get the most out of your business or HOA’s investment. Investing in asphalt repairs now will save you a lot of headache later.

Here are some methods our experts recommend that will help keep your asphalt in good shape throughout the winter months:

  • Crack seal: If you have asphalt, you’ll need to fill any cracks that appear in order to avoid much more expensive repairs in the future. With this method, rubberized crack sealant is applied to areas of active cracking in order to stop water and debris from permeating the crack and worsening it. Crack seal is heated at extremely high temperatures between 380-410 degrees and then applied to your asphalt, so this asphalt repair can be performed in virtually any temperature.
  • Pothole repair and asphalt patching: When a pothole emerges or you notice a weakened area of your business or community’s parking lot or roadway, waiting to schedule a repair will only make it worse. Luckily, pothole repair using a cold patch product, or saw cut and removal / repaving of affected areas are still an option throughout most of the winter season in the Central Texas area. These small repairs could save you tens of thousands over the life of your pavement––as long as you address them in time.
  • Parking lot striping and signage: Safety is a priority no matter the weather, period. High-visibility striping and signage is a must for every roadway and parking lot, whether it’s for an apartment complex, residential community, church, retail parking lot or any other business. If drivers and pedestrians can’t clearly see dividing lines or other safety signage, an unsightly parking lot or roadway can quickly become an unsafe and dangerous one. Luckily, parking lot striping or restriping can be done during the winters here in Texas, with a few exceptions. Our experts can walk you through the best options for your needs.

Not sure where to start?

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