We’ve Earned Our Stripes

Wheeler/Texas Materials is a leading asphalt contractor and supplier with an unparalleled record and if you’ve driven in Central Texas, you’ve most likely been on our roads. We’re an integrated supplier of aggregates, asphalt, ready-mix concrete, and construction and paving services in Texas.


As a leading producer of asphalt paving mixtures for the Central Texas Region, Wheeler’s Asphalt Maintenance division specializes in all types of asphalt paving and repair. We monitor local weather patterns and traffic conditions so we can optimize mix designs when needed to get the right surface for your project.

Wheeler has many services: Asphalt Repair, Striping, Parking Lot Repair, Crack Fill, Sealcoating, Speed Bumps, Pothole Repair.


We pave with construction aggregates, asphalt binder, additives, and modifiers to create the perfect mix of ingredients for your project.

Wheeler’s asphalt concrete is 100% recyclable and is the most widely re-used construction material in the world. Interestingly enough, less than one percent is actually disposed of in landfills.

Our paving products will consistently exceed your specifications and since many of the specifications vary by state or locality, Wheeler employs a staff of quality control managers, highly trained engineers, and materials technicians, providing outstanding support and service to our customers to meet your specific needs so you don’t have to worry.

Let Us Help You

It’s far less expensive to do it right the first time than it is to repair your parking lot once it has deteriorated. Wheeler is available for any needed repairs and paving system maintenance. We do sealcoating, striping, parking lot repair, and fix potholes.

If you want to ensure your project will last longer and hold strong, trust Wheeler to not only get the job done quick but do it right.