Truck Driver Appreciation Week – Meet Gary, Truck Driver

It’s Truck Driver Appreciation Week! In our business, nothing happens without our drivers. To show our gratitude, we’re spotlighting some of our incredible drivers. Keep reading to learn more about Gary, who has been with TexasBit since April 2003 – 18 years!

What do you enjoy about the company? I get satisfaction knowing that a road I drive on was something I had a part in building.

Safety tip: The best thing to do is to leave all your problems/stresses outside of the truck when you get behind the wheel. Even if it takes you several minutes to clear your mind, it is worth getting to your destination in one piece.

Any advice for those interested in a career in the transportation industry? Understand the sacrifice you will have to make, it isn’t an 8-5 type of job. The stresses of this job can be difficult but rewarding if you can handle it. You never know what your day will bring but if you have a positive attitude, your perspective will change and will make your day that much more successful.

Personal info: When Gary isn’t working, he goes home to take care of his cows.

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