The Secret Life of Parking Lots: Why Asphalt Maintenance Matters

A brand new asphalt parking lot is a beautiful thing. A level surface, free of cracks or discoloration. The parking lot striping is bright, clean and clear. It makes drivers happy and reflects well on the business.

Cut to years later: the asphalt is cracked, the striping has faded, and it just looks and feels worn down.

What went wrong with the asphalt paving?

Asphalt pavement is subject to various forms of deterioration. These can come from environment or climate factors, traffic loading, drainage deficiencies, and the quality and suitability of the materials.

Asphalt paving is meant to be flexible. It should be able to contract and expand in changing weather conditions. Over time, it will lose its elasticity, and that outside pressure will cause cracks and deformation. Oxygen and UV radiation also deteriorates the chemical bonds on the pavement surface. As the cracks become deeper and more widespread, the interior of the asphalt parking lot becomes exposed to the elements.

Wear and tear is inevitable. However, many of these problems are caused by improperly engineered drainage elevations, poor planning, or shoddy installation.  Picking the right asphalt suppliers and maintenance companies will prolong the life of the lot right off the bat. It’s easy to put off asphalt repairs, but it can make a huge difference. 

parking lot striping

Sealcoating – prevention is the best medicine

Sealcoating––also known as pavement sealing––is the application of a protective coating to asphalt pavement. This top layer protects the material underneath from the elements: water, oils, and UV rays.

Depending on the type of sealcoat and the conditions of the lot, you will need to reseal the surface every one to five years. Or you could skip it and end up needing much costlier repairs down the line. We think the choice is pretty clear: find a provider who can perform the asphalt maintenance, sealcoating, and parking lot striping to maintain the appearance, functionality, and durability of the lot for the long run.

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