National Work Zone Awareness Week 2022














Every year, our companies join with others across our industry to highlight National Work Zone Awareness Week. This annual campaign coincides with the start of the spring construction season and encourages safe driving around roadway work zones.

Safety is the foundation of everything we do, and we’re committed to spreading awareness. But, we also have a very personal reason for calling attention to the serious risks of distracted and reckless driving.

Each of our companies here in Texas has suffered the devastating loss of friends and colleagues who have been struck and killed in work zone intrusions. These individuals were experienced professionals in our industry, and did everything in their power to take appropriate safety precautions. But, they tragically lost their lives as a result of distracted or impaired drivers.

Each of these men had full lives, were beloved by friends and family, and had every right to return home safely from doing their jobs. They are deeply missed by all who knew them.

On the occasion of National Work Zone Awareness Week, please join us in honoring their memories by driving safely, and remaining especially vigilant when traveling through construction work zones. In addition to remaining alert and cautious, keep in mind these simple tips while driving through work zones:

  • Maintain the speed limit posted  
  • Use four-way flashers if you are stopped or moving slowly
  • Don’t tailgate other vehicles
  • Cut out any distractions 
  • Turn on headlights if instructed 
  • Keep your cool and remain patient 

Remember: There is no deadline, phone call or text message that is worth the risk.