Mixing it Up Daily for Central Texas

As we know, different traffic conditions and weather types in Central Texas can call for a large variety of asphalt mixes. What’s the right mix for your job? Paving contractors with highly skilled crews like Wheeler’s optimize mix designs to get you the best possible surface for your construction project.

Wheeler services construction sites from San Antonio to Austin to Waco and beyond with Cold Mix, Warm Mix, Hot Mix, Super Pave, Airport Mixes, Specialty Mixes, and all types of Construction Services. An experienced paving contractor like Wheeler can optimize mix designs to get you just the right surface for your project.


Our paving products consistently exceed specifications and since many of the specifications vary by state or locality, Wheeler employs a staff of quality control managers, highly trained engineers, and materials technicians, providing outstanding support and service to our customers to meet your specific needs.


High-traffic pavements such as those on major highways, airfields, and racetracks commonly use our Hot Mix or HMAC (hot mix asphalt concrete).


Some jobs need Warm mix asphalt concrete or WMA, which is produced by adding either waxes, zeolites, asphalt emulsions, or sometimes even water to the asphalt binder prior to mixing. Less energy is needed to heat the WMA asphalt mix so 20% less
fuel is needed to produce WMA. Crews gain improved working conditions by reducing
their exposure to fuel fumes, emissions, and heat.


Cold mix asphalt concrete is frequently used as a patching material and on lesser-trafficked service roads.


The brightest folks in Central Texas know Wheeler as a leading asphalt paving contractor and supplier with high-quality products and services.

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