Interview with Luiza Barros, Quality Control Manager at TexasBit

For Women in Construction Week, we’re talking to the incredible women who make everything we do at TexasBit possible. The Quality Control department is a big part of what sets our materials apart from the rest, and Luiza is an important part of the QC team. Luiza Barros describes what it was like to start working in construction early in life and then work her way up in the industry.

Luiza was also selected by Women of Asphalt as a “20 to Watch” recipient in 2020! You can read more of her story here:



My name is Luiza Barros, and I’ve been working for TexasBit for the last two years and a half now, and for the construction industry, it’s been a little longer than that. My first exposure was with surveying when I was 17, and I’ve always been involved with some construction related work. My biggest challenge in the industry has been being recognized a little bit, especially at the beginning. Being a woman, there’s always that discrimination in a certain sense of like, “You can’t do this, it’s too heavy, it’s a construction environment, and it’s probably not a place for women.” So I would say there was a little bit of people trusting you enough, to believe that you can do this.

I would say, just be persistent. If it’s something you wanna do, just try as hard as you can and never give up. I’m very happy, glad, and proud to work for CRH because there is a lot of encouragement for career development, and I think that’s actually something that I was able to build within the company. I’m actually now currently transitioning to a sister company in a different location, and that tells me that they care about the people that work here, and we’re always promoting, trying to bring more people to the business, and evolve with the associations, and Women in Construction, and Women of Asphalt, and everything we can promote. Bringing more women and young people, young talents, and anybody in general that wants to develop their career.


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