Interview with Diana Ramos, Recruiter at Texas Materials

During Women in Construction Week we profiled some amazing team members in departments across our Central Texas construction company. Of course, it takes recruiters like Diana to put our incredible crews together in the first place. In this video, Diana Ramos talks about why she finds her job as a Recruiter for Texas Materials so rewarding.



My name is Diana Ramos, I’m the recruiter for Texas Materials. I transitioned when I took a year off after having my son. After I decided it was time to get back into the work environment, I did some general job searching and I found that there was a construction company that was looking for an HR assistant, and that’s how I began my career here at Texas Materials. I began as a temp and then worked my way up, became an HR generalist, and stayed within that role for about four years, and then the past three and a half years I’ve been a recruiter. As a recruiter, and in my field, it is my job to assist hiring managers and work closely with them to fill any gaps in positions that they may have vacant. You want to strive to find that perfect fit, and get close enough to a perfect match for that crew.

I would say if I had any advice for women in construction, or anyone in construction, it’s learn from your peers. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, but rather maybe ask how you can grow. Especially if there’s someone you can partner up with in your own department, or maybe even in different departments that drive you, strike your interest, that make you want to not just grow but empower yourself; empower yourself with those that you work with. I think that having been here, again, as long as I have, I’ve kept contact with a lot of employees and they know that they can still reach out. Having a newer, more updated role as a recruiter, I feel like I still have that capability to connect with people and then, you know, continue that relationship and grow that relationship throughout their employment with us.

In addition to having developed these relationships with their employees, I feel privileged. I feel that it’s been a privilege to also see the growth in their families, in their careers, as they’ve moved up in different roles and positions, higher positions. Hear their stories of their children graduating, going to college, and maybe even taking up an internship within our company and watching their children grow. I feel that it’s a very humbling experience to be able to be invited to events, to hear the news of maybe a new baby or a new addition to their families, and then watching them, watching them come to the office and visit mom and dad at work.


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