Interview with Brenda Rizo, Laboratory Technician at TexasBit

Our labs produce a range of mixes specifically tuned for the driving and weather conditions in North Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. None of that would be possible without technicians like Brenda. Hear about her job and her advice for other women entering into the construction industry.



I know that once I come here, I can get to work and I forget about what’s going on. And I know that my coworkers are there for me as coworkers, but also as friends. And also, I know that I can count on my supervisors. I mean, I’ve been here 15 years so I think that says a lot about a company.

The only level-two designers in here are women, so that lets me know that I can do this. Women can do this. So, for any women that are thinking, no, that’s too hard, or the work is too hard, yes, you can do this. And don’t be afraid to take that step forward. I got that opportunity from David and Luiza and they pushed me to do it, now I’m here and I’m thankful for that.


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