Interview with Angel Torres – Texas Materials Truck Driver

What drew you to this career?

Back in 1993, I was asked to help out some friends with a truck. I ended up loving it, and I’ve been doing it since.

I’ve been driving for over 27 years, and I’ve been all over the place – all 48 states, including Canada. Over my time in the transportation industry I’ve driven flat bed, end dump, and now I drive super dumps. But what I’m doing now is the most rewarding, especially because I’m able to be come home every day, be home on Sundays, and I have time to enjoy my family.

Do you have any advice for others looking to get into driving?

The most important thing to keep in mind is the responsibility that comes with the job. It’s an awesome responsibility; the equipment you’re driving is extremely heavy, but at the same time you have to be very careful and pay attention to what you’re doing at all times.

But one of the best things about working here is that there’s always room for growth. For example, you could start as a driver and then more into operating other equipment, or work toward other roles. Being a driver is a great way to get into this business.

What do you enjoy about the job?

The freedom. In the work we do, we see a lot of the construction, building, and growth in this area, and we’re part of it. I get to go home and tell my kids that I helped build our city.

Plus the company has great benefits, and the people you work with become not only coworkers but often friends. We spend a lot of time here and we’ve gotten to know each other personally, so it makes it a great experience.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I love spending time with my family, and I coach my kids’ baseball and softball teams. That’s actually one of the things I love most about working here – the fact that people are willing to work with me on the schedule so that I can be there to do things like that for my family.

Supervisor Feedback

“Angel joined Texas Materials as a truck driver 2.5 years ago. Since Angel has joined us he has been a leader amongst his peers. Angel is a very knowledgeable and experienced driver who often steps up with ideas to make operations more efficient and safer. Angel also steps into leadership roles when needed and is always reliable when something is needed to be done. Angel has a vast knowledge about trucking operations and the machines he operates.”

– Zach Marshall, Transportation Manager