Can’t beat the heat: why summer is the ideal time to pave your asphalt parking lot

The Austin, Texas area is known for extremely high summer temperatures starting as early as May to as late as September. While most of us take refuge indoors to escape the heat, our paving crews are busier than ever during the spring and summer season. Why is that?

It’s because summer and early fall in Central Texas is actually the best time to do asphalt paving, parking lot repair and restriping, asphalt patching, crack seal, and asphalt sealcoating.

Hot mix asphalt loves hot weather.

If you need to pave your parking lot, or repave with a full asphalt overlay, summer is an ideal time to do this type of work. Hot mix asphalt is placed at between 275-300 degrees, so the warm Central Texas temperatures are actually helpful in keeping the high temperature stable and maintaining the pliability of the asphalt, make the overall paving process easier.

Lower risk of inclement weather.

Summer is also a great time to pave, since there is less likelihood of inclement weather that could affect the asphalt construction process. If it rains while the asphalt mixture is settling, it could alter the rate of cooling, which affects the quality of the bond. That’s why our paving crews at Texas Materials will help you plan your parking lot repair and paving projects around the weather forecast.

Sealcoating is easier to do in warmer weather.

An essential tool in the asphalt maintenance arsenal, sealcoat is a protective coating for your that repels water, damaging UV rays from the sun, and engine fluid and other chemicals that can erode the pavement and lead to premature cracking, fading and potholes. Warm asphalt will absorb the sealcoat better than cool asphalt, making summer an ideal time to sealcoat your parking lot. Sealcoat can be applied to your pavement in temperatures over 50F, but will dry quicker during warmer weather.

No matter the weather, protecting your asphalt should be a priority in any season. Contact us today to get started.

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