HOA Headache Relief: Painkillers for Pavement Problems

If you’re a veteran of real estate management, you’ve probably had your share of hassles caused by aging parking lots.

Cracked and faded pavement with rutting, potholes, and vegetation poking through can make your property look run down while creating safety issues and liability concerns. Broken or missing wheel-stops and faded stripes can reduce curb appeal and negatively affect property values.

Texas Materials Asphalt Maintenance is a trusted source for private and commercial asphalt paving, asphalt repair, and surface maintenance. We can add years to the life of your new or existing pavement and parking areas with sealcoating, a critical factor in protecting your asphalt – and your investment.

We can also give your parking lot a makeover with a fresh set of stripes or help ensure that you have adequate access for residents with disabilities.

Sometimes a thorough power-wash is all that’s needed to get rid of layers of dirt on your pavement and bring back your neighborhood’s curb appeal.

If speeders are a problem, we’ll build in brakes with strategically placed speed bumps. If you have too few parking spaces, we may be able to carve out more room or reconfigure your existing space to accommodate additional vehicles.

We know how to work with local soil, drainage and weather conditions in order to fix existing issues or pave any new phases in your development. Texas Materials Asphalt Maintenance knows how to work in residential settings with minimal inconvenience to your residents, even when a complete parking lot paving job or resurfacing is required.

As the most reputable asphalt maintenance company in Central Texas (we operate from Waco all the way to San Antonio), we’ll roll out the black carpet for you at a price point that works with your budget.

Let us help you transform your development’s pavement and ensure that your residents’ HOA fees are money well spent.

Keep us in mind for all your business and residential road work including asphalt work, sealcoating and more, throughout the Waco-Belton, Austin, and San Antonio areas.

Have questions? We’ll fill in the answers.